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Uncovering the dynamic nature of procedural memories: A gateway to understanding learning and forgetting

A vital property of the brain is its capacity to undergo plastic changes, manifested as changes in behavioral performance. Invasive studies at the cellular level in animal models have pointed to time-restricted windows during which existing reactivated memories are susceptible to modulation, and evidence suggests similar behavioral effects in humans. Yet, the causal brain systems-level mechanisms of how internal perceptual and motor memory representations dynamically change through interactions with the external environment and determine if the memory is stabilized or forgotten, are still largely unknown. Overcoming this gap in knowledge will enable us to gain a detailed understanding of learning and forgetting dynamics, which will be a crucial step towards ultimately applying non-invasive targeted neuromodulation to reshape reactivated human memories.

We now have the tools to systematically tackle these questions in humans. Our research investigates the link between the way by which perceptual and motor memories are formed, modified and internally represented in the human brain and the resulting learning which enables skill improvements over time. To achieve our research goals, we are using a multimodal approach combining behavioral psychophysics, non-invasive brain stimulation, and neuroimaging techniques. Read More

Open Positions

Our lab at Tel-Aviv University is seeking highly motivated students and post-doctoral fellows, to engage in exciting multidisciplinary research in human perceptual and motor learning and memory.

Enthusiastic candidates with backgrounds in Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics, Computer Science or Engineering, with excellent collaboration skills, capable of setting up and leading novel research directions are encouraged to contact Dr. Nitzan Censor Please email a statement of research interests and CV.

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